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PACE is a finalist for EVF 2018 in Düsseldorf

CAFESTOL is a novel ingredient to be used as a food- and pharmaceutical ingredient in the nutritional and therapeutic treatment of Diabetes II.

Every year the number of diagnosed patients with Diabetes type II as well as the prediabetic population is growing. It is expected that in 2035 the number of patients with Diabetes is more than 600mio people in    Europe.

CAFESTOL is to treat and prolong the time before insulin treatment of severe cases is necessary. Studies reveals that CAFESTOL does not make you go too low on blood sugar, however still being efficient by decreasing blood glucose and increasing insulin sensitivity. Proof of concept in animal study is done and product is patented.

PACE presents and holds this project and participates at EVF 2018 to secure a cooperation partner for the processes to come while commercializing the project.

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